Good Friday Oil for Healing, Protection, and Deliverance – A Remedy From Father Michel Rodrigue of Canada

For those who are participating in this devotion, I was told by a dear friend about a blessing that the Blessed Mother Mary revealed to the visionary, Barnabas Nwoye of the Most Precious Blood Devotion. A few minutes before 3am, we are to place ourselves on the floor in the form of the cross and to pray for 10-15 minutes for the graces of Our Lord and His spiritual strength will descend upon us. So, I share this with you all, as you may like the additional graces from praying this way at 3am when you are praying the Good Friday Oil devotion. God bless!

Mary Refuge Of Souls

This is a remedy from Father Michel Rodrigue in Canada for healing, protection and deliverance:

PDF Printout: Good Friday Oil for Healing, Protection, and Deliverance (PDF)

Update (4/1/20):
Easy instructions for making Good Friday Oil with Pictures (PDF)

Good Friday Oil for Healing, Protection, and Deliverance

To use the oil for Healing, Protection, and Deliverance, make the Sign of the Cross on the forehead of a sick person or sprinkle on food or ingest it.

When all is complete, please say a Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, or prayers of thanksgiving to the Blessed Mother.

Items Needed

* Blessed icon, image or statue of Mary, the Mother of God

* Extra virgin olive oil (Blessed by a priest if possible–optional)

* Glass or stainless-steel containers to hold the olive oil (flame from wick may melt plastic)

* Pure cotton wick or pure cotton material rolled into a wick (see…

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