Special Commentary – Powerful Prayer Secrets – Tears and Heartbeats – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Special Commentary – Powerful Prayer Secrets – Tears and Heartbeats – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls


July 12, 2022

Blessings beloved ones,

I, “a soul”, of MaryRefugeOfSouls, wanted to place a very short video about a perfect prayer said for a poor soul in purgatory on this blog (see end video). However, I want to expound a little bit about how to pray more profoundly before God; how to get to the place where you are actively praying every present moment of your days.

So many know how suffering can be wasted if it is not offered up to God in redemptive union with Jesus for people’s salvation. This is because God needs people’s free will permission to act in earthly life, as He respects our autonomy as created persons made in His Image and Likeness. Likewise, you can cry and mourn a lot due to the death of a loved one, but such acts of sorrow normally due nothing to gain them entry to Heaven. It is only prayer that will help them through purgatory into Heaven.

However, I am going to share some of my advanced prayer secrets so you can grow in personal holiness and help save more souls, including helping your loved ones.

Firstly, many people wonder how to get to the point where they are praying unceasingly and how to maximize the number of souls that can be saved by their prayers. I want you to know that one of the ways to do this is to offer up daily all your tears and all your heartbeats as an active prayer to God to save souls and help the poor souls in purgatory. So, even when you are not actually praying or singing to God, your physical body as a Temple of the Holy Spirit still remains as an active instrument of prayer with every tear you shed and every heartbeat throughout your days and nights. By making this type of offering, it opens up so much grace and merit for souls from daily loving acts of tears and heartbeats that otherwise would be lost and useless.

Moreover, sometimes, I even pray in this way for the lost souls on earth. I say, Lord, You know the inner workings and desires of all souls, including those still living who might be lost. Lord, even though, such souls may consciously reject You, You also know that if such souls truly knew Your Goodness, they would cease to object and would turn to You for their salvation. So, I ask Lord that every heartbeat of those lost on earth today be their saving prayer to You, in union with the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Who died for each of them. Amen.

Secondly, the next prayer secret is to offer up all your daily good works, prayers, and sufferings in union with all the past good works, prayers, and sufferings of the Blessed Mother Mary and Her Son, Jesus Christ, throughout Their entire lives as They lived on earth, for the salvation of the world. Moreover, then to pray for the merit of all these good works, prayers, and sufferings to be magnified in infinite grace through the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts, because Both Hearts are still Co-Redeemers for all of mankind throughout eternity, which can flood this world with infinite grace at this moment in time.

Adding to the perfection of this prayer secret, I also join all the merits and graces earned by all the saints in Heaven throughout eternity, along with my existing merits and that of Jesus and Mary. Doing such an act not only glorifies God, it also glories the saints in Heaven, who gain great happiness knowing the holy merits of their earthly lives are being repeated to gain new and refreshed graces now in this current time on earth.

And thirdly, my constant prayer secret is that I ask God to re-accept all my past crosses, all my past Holy Communions, all my past prayers, and every past good deed that I have done while in a state of grace throughout my whole life, for all the intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the United Hearts of the Most Holy Trinity. So, even prior good works that I may not have actively offered up originally as a prayer, God may go back and apply merit to them for the salvation of souls. This is possible because God exists outside of time, in eternity, which Jesus once gave a message about this at Holy Love Ministries.

This constant prayer is very profound because it repeats over and over, in Holy Love, every past prayer and good deed you have ever done in your life, making everything good grow exponentially in infinite grace, each time you offer it up. Imagine, if you just once did prayer secrets one and two, then you just repeatedly do prayer secret three. So many people would be repeatedly touched by the grace of your constant prayers and keeping this as your constant intention would bring you into deeper holiness with God.

Finally, I almost forgot to mention that I do offer up all this prayer through the infinite power and merits of the Holy Mass, throughout time and eternity, through the perfection of each Consecrated Host found in every Holy Tabernacle of the world, in Jesus’ Holy Name and His Most Precious Blood. Amen!!

I hope that some of my prayer secrets help you all become closer to the Lord and help in the salvation of your loved ones and others. God bless.

I love you all,
A soul

P.S. Jesus just let me know that He will accept our smiles, laughter, with our past joys, as acts of prayer to God, along with our tears and heartbeats. My new lesson learned today!

YouTube Video – Perfect Prayer for a Poor Soul in Purgatory