Important Task Given by St Michael Archangel for Month of August to Remnant Army – Message to Lorena – July 29, 2022

Note (By a soul):
I am still waiting for the original version in Spanish, which I will post when it is available. God bless.


Dear Faithful Remnant of my Beloved Lord Jesus Christ,

I want to Exhort you to give your last effort, in your preparation as part of My Army, I invite you to give your Life for Jesus Christ either in a Blood or Spiritual Martyrdom, but to carry the Cross of the Crucifixion on your foreheads to be able to Resurrect a New Life in Jesus Christ, who will give you the Keys to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today I come in the Name of ALL the Triumphant Army to give you this task, you will be asked in this month of August, especially the members of My Militant Army, to Pray My Chaplet of the Angelic Choirs every day, as part of your preparation in the Army.

Since I will choose those who will Battle this Army and will Command it in this month, that is why I ask you to pray it with this Intention, since I will choose My Battalion Commanders, based on their availability and dedication in this journey to enter New Heaven and Lands as my Army.

That is why I ask you to pray this Chaplet and also the Devotion to the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ just as it was said from Heaven.


It is IMPORTANT to follow your Preparations, since I will elect the Battalion Commanders very soon, that is why I ask you to Pray My Chaplet of the Angelic Choirs and the Devotion to the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, these two Prayers are the ones that I will take into account, so pray them with GREAT DELIVERY AND DEDICATION, giving ALL your Life to Heaven and being Light in the darkness, Stars in the Darkness of the Night, so that by being Light you can Guide your brothers in the thick darkness.

As Squadron and Battalion Commanders, I will elect you after this month of August, so do ALL of your part.

I, Saint Michael the Archangel, Prince of the Celestial Militia and Leader of My Militant Army, carry you embedded in My Heart of a Warrior, giving you Hearts of Warriors for my Lord Jesus Christ.

I leave you with the War Cry, WHO, IS LIKE GOD, NO ONE IS LIKE GOD!!!


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