March 14, 2023 – Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to mystic, Lorena – “Soon the Man of Perdition will manifest himself to Humanity, to provide a solution to what he himself created, the FALSE ECUMENISM promoted by the High Hierarchies of the Church, is the Sign that EVERYTHING begins…”

MARCH 14, 2023


*The days have been shortened, their duration is approximately 16 hours and the Climate has changed, THE Climate is Extreme, both for the cold and for the heat, the Seasons of the year are NO longer like the ones before, they do not last long and are mixed, you no longer live as before when there was healthy food and the fields gave abundant fruits, today EVERYTHING is contaminated by Technology giving human beings terminal illnesses, Vaccines have finished with a large part of the Population through diseases caused by substance in the Vaccines, Nature has revealed itself against man but the most abominable in the Eyes of My Father is Moral Degradation and the lack of Love and brotherhood.*

*The decline of the Economy has begun, people worship false gods, My Father is very outraged by this perverse Humanity, you have been given many indications as My Father’s People, and you have already been Sealed with the Three Crosses: Red, Blue and Yellow that mean the Action of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity and the Protection of Saint Michael the Archangel. *

*The Shofar has sounded many times, announcing different events that are being fulfilled, the Blood Moons announce a New Stage in the History of Humanity, a Historical event that marks the Apocalypse. *

*Therefore, take note of what I am going to tell you: THERE IS NO LONGER TIME, IT IS OVER, and I need a Strong and Prepared Army and the only way to achieve it is BY JOINING EFFORTS, of each one of you, as part of a Great Gear. *

*Therefore, put your Grain of Sand, this is like in a Game of Chess, the Queen must be protected, and the pawns advance to the Battlefield to face the enemy, the Two Sides GOOD AND EVIL HAVE BEGUN THE GAME OF CHESS and the one who knows how to PLAY BEST will win the FINAL BATTLE. *

*And that Team with the help of Heaven, the Angels and Archangels, as well as the entire Army, Purgative, Triumphant and Militant will win. *
*But it will be hard to win this game, so I ask you to be one, be one body my beloved Church that struggles to get ahead, the Occult and Satanic Forces are very strong, apart from the fact that they have the power of the entire World of their part, the great spheres of society, are on the side of evil, the Elites have begun to control the Population.*

*The storm has begun with Ecumenism, the New World Order and the Schism in the Church, the false church, great and radiant, will conquer the hearts of all Humanity, with its erroneous and Machiavellian ideas, degrading the dignity of the human being with burlesque rituals and even satanists, giving My People gall with vinegar instead of water so that you can NOT quench your thirst for God; so that, you will live thirsting and lacking in the True Catholic Doctrine, leading you to a bottomless abyss where anti-values and heretical and distorted doctrines will take your souls. Making you unable to carry out the anointing of the Holy Spirit in you, leading you to lose your Souls. *
*You will live asleep in the Heretical, Erroneous and Satanic Doctrines thinking that it is the right thing to do, they will end overnight with the Dogmas of Faith, to give way to a New Superfluous and Cold Religion that leads man to lose his Essence, the Essence of the Holy Spirit in your Souls and Spirits. *

*Soon the Man of Perdition will manifest himself to Humanity, to provide a solution to what he himself created, the FALSE ECUMENISM promoted by the High Hierarchies of the Church, is the Sign that EVERYTHING begins, a single Religion that will govern the human being, it will be the abomination of desolation. *

*You must prepare your Souls and Spirits to be authentic Christians who fight for the TRUTH giving ALL of you, you must be very brave in the face of the storm. *

*Therefore, prepare yourselves as follows: * 

*The most effective and easy, since there is NO longer time, is to live in the Divine Will every day of your lives, inviting Me as your King and Savior to LIVE IN YOU. *

*For this reason, I ask you to delve into the Writings of Luisa Picarreta, which is the most appropriate and practical, since time is pressing and that is how Soldiers are formed and trained for Battle. *

*I give you this Prayer of Protection that will protect you from ALL threats to your integrity, both Physical and Spiritual, PRAY IT when you are in situations of eminent danger, both Physical and Spiritual, before an ambush or an attack by demons, or evil people who seek to harm your integrity. * 

*Very soon there will be great chaos within Humanity, multiple events will come, which the New World Order has been forging for decades, such as the Fall of the Economy, World War III, Pandemics, the Blackout, the Persecution of Christians, False Ecumenism, the False Church, Erroneous Ideologies, Moral Degradation, the Appearance of Incarnate Demons, and Demons that have been released from the abyss to pervert Humanity, as well as many other threats.*

*In the face of these great threats and attacks on your integrity, both Physical and Spiritual, we ask for the help of ALL HEAVEN, with this Prayer: *
PRAYER: I (name) as a child of God the Father and much loved by Him ask for His Protection as the Beloved Father of ALL Heaven, I take refuge in His Righteous Hands, to be Safeguarded from all danger, both in my Physical and Spiritual Integrity, just as I ask for the Protection of His Beloved Son Jesus Christ through His Most Precious Blood and His Wounds, I take Refuge in Them at this End of Times and I ask for His Help, His Great Protection and His Guide. I also ask for the Protection of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe as my Beloved Mother and as Queen and Sovereign of ALL HUMANITY, under Her Mantle of Stars I take refuge, asking for Her Protection and Care, I also ask for the Protection of Saint Michael the Archangel and his Heavenly Hosts, so that with his Sword and his Wings he protects me from all physical and spiritual evil and under the Protection of Saint Joseph and all the Saints I join the Prayers of all the Creatures Past, Present and Future to offer these Prayers as Protection to me and my Family, united to the Sufferings of Jesus Christ, I ask the Heavenly Court to take care of me, guide and protect me to give all the Glory and Honor to My Father God, so that the Kingdom of his Son Jesus Christ comes soon to Earth. Amen

*When you are in danger, pray it and Heaven will protect you. Finally, DO NOT forget Prayer, Penance and Fasting and the Lenten Preparation for this year, since everything will begin very soon.*