Write-Up – Went to a Talk featuring Prophet John Leary

Today, I went to a talk that featured the Prophet John Leary (http://www.johnleary.com). It was the second time that I have heard him speak and it was very informative. There was one other excellent speaker (Sadie Jaramillo) and the charity that sponsored the talk also had volumes of the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy) on sale and were giving out Seals of The Living God, which I thought was very nice. I had a wonderful afternoon and I’ve been invited to visit a refuge that the group has spent years building near where I live. So, I’m excited about that.

Here are some highlights from the talk by Prophet John Leary that might interest others:

* Every message that John receives is reviewed and approved by a priest who is his spiritual director. I also know that his spiritual director is approved by his local bishop, although (I believe) the local bishop has declared that his messages are not of supernatural origin and the diocese does not publicly support his mission on their website.

* John confirmed that pets can be brought by folks to the refuges. (See my blog page: “Pets and Refuges During The Tribulation”).

* Almost all the locutions that John experiences (he receives them twice a day) are preceded by an interior vision from God. The visions are described in his books through Queenship Publishing (http://www.queenship.org/category/leary-john.html), however, the visions are not placed on the website, which is normally, how I read the heavenly messages. This is important to know as John recently received a message from Jesus that talked about martial law being declared in the U.S., but, the vision actually showed President Obama as the U.S. president who would declare the martial law by the federal government. But, Obama was not mentioned by name in the words of the locution, so I did not know that. So, if President Obama is the person who will do this, that doesn’t leave much time left in his term of office for this to happen. So, we’ll have to be very sensitive to the timing of this event, which will occur after The Warning when the world is in severe crisis. It’s also been stated many times in heavenly messages that we will need to be physically at the refuges before martial law is declared. (I have two blog pages that feature the heavenly messages given to John about martial law in the U.S. and the refuges. Please click on either: “Messages – Martial Law Takeover (USA)” or “Messages – Refuges”).

* John talked a little about who is the antichrist and read a recent message about him. (Please see my blog page: “Messages – The Antichrist”). The antichrist is a demon incarnate who is physically present on the earth now and is living in London, England. Benjamin Creme of Share International is his spokesperson, who calls him the “maitreya” and he will be the world teacher that will unite all religions. (More information can be found on Wikipedia, but I’m hesitant to visit the Share International website, because who knows how many demons will attach themselves to me if I visit it directly to verify stuff. I’d rather not take a chance for first-hand info).

* Finally, John answered my question about people who have physical disabilities that make it difficult to travel to a refuge. John told me that The Lord will send an angel to assist in bringing the person to a refuge. I exchanged contact info with Carol (John’s wife), so I hope to have a blog page written soon about this, along with the particular message from Jesus. Stay tuned!

God bless!