End Times Prophecy for Great Britain – Is Jesus preparing for something greater after Brexit?

From the Book of Truth

“A Protestant nation, Great Britain, will convert soon to My Ways”
Monday, September 17th, 2012 @ 21:15

My dearly beloved daughter I wish to reveal to you a miracle I have planned.

A Protestant nation, Great Britain, will convert soon to My Ways, My Teachings and the Truth.

For so long this Christian country has adapted and amended the Laws of God to suit their proud ways.

Once a great Christian country, they sinned throughout the centuries against the Laws of God and convinced themselves that they followed the Laws laid down by My Church on earth.

The prayers of the faithful among them and the love and loyalty shown by Christian leaders in Great Britain, in the face of adversity, has brought them closer to My Sacred Heart.

This country will be converted and the Truth will save millions.

The antichrist and his many followers have influenced many in power in this country but they will fail to steal God’s children.

My followers will unite through all churches throughout Britain and I will envelop them in My Holy Arms.

They will become a powerful force in My army and the plan to unite them has commenced.

Here is a special Crusade Prayer for God’s children in Britain.

Crusade Prayer (77) For Great Britain:

“O Most Heavenly Father, God the Creator of man please hear my prayer.
I beg You to save Britain from the clutches of evil and dictatorship.
I ask that You unite all of us, of all religions, creed and colour as one family in Your Eyes.
Give us the strength to unite in defiance of any laws introduced to outlaw Your Teachings.
Give us the strength and the courage to never forsake You and to help save all of Your children through our prayers.
Bring all of my brothers and sisters together in unity to pay homage to Your promise to bring us eternal life and entrance to Your Paradise.


To the children of Great Britain know that, soon, the conversion which will envelop your country will bring you great graces.

Then you will help lead My army along with other nations towards My Glorious Kingdom.


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“Dear children, these times are the times of grave decisions – Be alert and watchful as to the way you are following”

Holy Love Ministry

June 23, 2016

Our Lady comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“You (Maureen) are asking Me how Holy Love can be the answer to all the world’s problems when evil forces are so violent. Please understand that Holy Love needs to be the cornerstone of all decisions. Holy Love helps you to identify evil and therefore, to oppose it. Sadly, it is sometimes necessary to take up arms to defend good and innocent lives. This is not because Holy Love endorses war, but because Holy Love endorses good. The motive of all your actions needs to be Holy Love.”

“Holy Love must act according to the necessity of good. Good cannot prosper in an environment where it is opposed by law or the threat of violence. Each soul has the obligation to speak up in favor of good. Too often this right is oppressed by evil.”

“Dear children, these times are the times of grave decisions. Be alert and watchful as to the way you are following.”

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“A Fork in the Road – Two Paths for the Future of My Country (USA)” – a commentary by a soul (just written last night and on-topic with this Holy Love message) – Thank you, Blessed Mother, for answering  my questionI love You and Your Son