God the Father – “As all of you can see now, the chastisements are getting worse each day”

Holy Family Refuge Messages

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Come Holy Spirit and all of Heaven

My beloved son this is God the Father.  Thanks for all that you and your friends are suffering for their God.  As all of you can see now, the chastisements are getting worse each day.  I will be coming soon with the Warning.  Keep doing what you are doing and do not make anymore major efforts to get in contact with the doctors.  If I wish more, I will make the contacts happen.  You have done all that you can do and the rest is up to your God.  I know how long the journey has been this year for you and your wife.  

Keep loving people with compassion as you have been doing and do not be afraid to show everyone love from your heart.  Your heart is tied to Me and all of Heaven and when you show love and compassion to others they feel the love from their God and can start relating to Me, their God.  Even just a ‘hi’ to others transmits love from one person to the other.  People need contact from each other to feel love.  You all need each other now in a major way because all of My children are hurting.

Make sure you pray for the ones that do not know their God so they can learn to know Me, their God.  As I have told you many times, my Son, some of My children have been exposed to many graces in their life and many of My children have been exposed to very few graces.  Those who have been given many graces and gifts have the responsibility to help those with less graces.  Sometimes, you have to walk behind and just help people along the path; do not just run ahead of everyone and let them get lost in the wilderness.  I, your God, went back and got even the very last sheep with Jesus when He was on earth no matter the cost or time it took.  I expect the same from the ones who have been given much.

Your time is very short to help your brothers and sisters so trust and be patient with everyone.  Your loving Father from Heaven and earth.  Amen.

For further discernment:
Most Holy Trinity – “Your country and world are about to crumble – It will see a big collapse just before the Warning to wake My children up without killing them so they will take the Warning seriously” (5/20/16)