Blessed Virgin Mary – “Praise be to Jesus – I am the Immaculate Conception – Patroness of your country (USA)”

Holy Love Ministry

July 4, 2016
Independence Day

The Blessed Virgin Mary says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I am the Immaculate Conception. Patroness of your country.”

“The future of this nation is dependent upon the ability of its citizens to discern good from evil. As it is, this is not important to the plans of many of your leaders. You have people running for office who are propelled by ambition and love of power. God’s Will and His Commandments are the farthest thing from their minds. Honesty and transparency have taken flight from their hearts.”

“This election will carry significant changes in its wake in terms of the choices of future Supreme Court Justices. Pro-life hangs in the balance. A liberal president will support a liberal Supreme Court. That would have everlasting effects on your nation and its place in God’s Will and His Provision.”

“Dear children, you must pray that evil is recognized for what it is and not regarded as acceptable or desirable.”

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