Jesus Christ – “Do not look with dread and worry towards the future and what may happen…”

Holy Love Ministry

October 3, 2016

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, do not look with dread and worry towards the future and what may happen; rather, surrender your hearts completely to Me in the present moment. In this ‘now’ – the present moment – your prayers will be strengthened if you belong completely to Me.”

“Tonight, I’m blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

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Holy Love Ministry

August 12, 1998
Monthly Message to All Nations

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be Jesus.”

“The needs here are many and varied today, but I invite you to pray with Me for those who oppose the Mission of Holy Love in their hearts.”

“My dear children, as the millennium draws near, many seek answers and many think they know about future events. But, I invite you to realize that Scripture has it, no one prophesizes perfectly.* Further, I invite you to discover the truth of Holy Love in the present moment. While you worry for the future, you have missed the grace of the present.”

“This much I reveal to you. A great shadow of suffering has, and will, pass over this country. But it shall not rest upon it. This is because of your prayers and sacrifices, and in reward for the benevolent nature of your nation towards other countries less fortunate. But, I tell you, formulas and schemes have been shared during this decade with nations that do not understand their potential. Trust has been placed in those who are untrustworthy. Therefore, I call you once again to a renewed spirit of prayer and sacrifice. There are many scheming hearts in your world who have not been reconciled to God.”

“Dear children, I have come to you so that you will understand how important your free will is. You can follow Satan into the world, or you can choose to be united to Me through the Refuge of My Immaculate Heart. Satan calls you along the road of deceit and confusion. The path I call you upon is joy, peace, and love. To choose one, you must give up the other. You cannot live in Holy Love and live in sin at the same time. Each one knows best what he must abandon in order to follow Me into the Heart of My Son.”

“Dear children, it is not necessary that you believe My presence is here in order to be saved; but I caution you, you must live in Holy Love in order to reach salvation. Holy Love, which is to love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself, is gospel, irrefutable, and not subject to your discernment. Therefore, I come to invite you along the path of holiness through Holy Love. But I do not pull or push you. I wait for you to decide. When you come to Me with your heart open, I will embrace you. Dear children, I am always loving you.”

The United Hearts Blessing is given.

*I Corinthians 13, 9-10

For our knowledge is imperfect and our prophecy is imperfect; but when the perfect comes, the imperfect will pass away.

November 27, 1998

Our Lady comes in white. She says:

“Praised be Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My darling, look at Me. Regard the love I have for you. Understand that it is not necessary to know all that will happen. Even when you are in the desert, I am leading you. Remember, the events in My own life were not given to Me in advance. Rather, I depended on God to lead us in whatever way He would, knowing and believing in His love. It is when you begin to think Heaven’s plan depends on you that Satan leads you into worry.”

“What you need, I will give in a timely manner. Go in peace.”

November 3, 1999

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come to help you understand more deeply the Mystery of My Heart. The chambers of My Heart echo and reverberate simplistic love. It is souls who thus immerse themselves in the Divine Will that I pour My favor upon. Simplistic love directs all thought, word, and action towards pleasing Me. The soul is able to accomplish this only with a heart steeped in love.”

“I cannot teach you to love with a simplistic heart. You must surrender to it. When the soul chooses this simplistic love, he desires nothing else. His needs and desires become My needs and desires. Thus, through the soul’s free will, I am permitted to be united with him. I am describing to you the innermost chamber of My Heart. The door to this chamber – to simplistic love – is resistant to any self will, attachment, or obstacle such as unforgiveness.”

“The souls in this chamber are free of worry and fear. They trust Me. Souls in this chamber have found peace in My Will for them. I am in the present moment with them.”

“Surrender to Me. The fortune of My Heart is My Will for you. Seek only this inheritance and no other treasure.”

February 1, 2000

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“You have heard Me say many times that inordinate self love is the instrument Satan uses to oppose Holy Love. Let Me detail in its entirety this obstacle to personal holiness.”

“Inordinate means disordered or excessive. When the soul does not pay much heed between wants and needs, it is a sign of this disordered love. This would be evident in how the soul makes use of and regards the goods of the world, such as clothing, housing, food and the like.”

“But there are other signs of inordinate self love. Fear is one. This is why. The soul caught up in fear, whether it is fear of the future or worry over past sins, in effect is telling Me ‘I don’t trust you. I only trust myself.’ The more the soul withdraws from Me and places confidence in his own efforts, the more I withdraw from him and My grace eludes him. (Hypochondria and scruples are signs of this fear.)”

“Another area of inordinate self love is unforgiveness. This is a grave sin. It draws the soul’s attention in on himself (‘poor me’) and away from Me. Such a soul is not living the law of Holy Love. He is deflecting the gift of My Mercy in his own soul through his own lack of forgiveness towards his neighbor. As you judge, so shall you be judged.”

“Here is another sure sign of self love. It is self-righteousness. This person is in love with his own opinion. More than that, he believes everyone else is wrong. Perhaps you are leading a good and holy life according to Holy Love. But, I tell you, self-righteousness reflects another sign of disordered love which is fear of loss of reputation. Such a soul is not simplistic, but cares very much about his reputation. He loves esteem and honor. He is tempted to say and do many things which compromise the law of love so that others may have high regard for him.”

“If you meditate on what I have said to you today, it will become easier to make the consecration of Divine Love giving to Me your health, your appearance, and your comforts.”

“Make this known to the world. I will bless you.”

April 11, 2000

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to help you understand that when you worry, you have not surrendered everything to Me. What you worry over is that which you want to control. This shows lack of trust in God’s Divine Will. Make this known.”

June 12, 2003

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“In the world trust in Divine Providence is mere folly. For the world trusts that which it can experience only with the senses. But to the spiritually wise, trust in the Divine Provision of My Sacred Heart is the path of fulfillment, rich in promise, enduring in consolation.”

“Do not waste a moment in worry. Worry is one of Satan’s traps that he uses to capture the present moment for himself. Rather, let the present moment be sealed forever in faith, hope and love. Then I will bless you abundantly.”

July 17, 2004

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to tell you that greater merit is earned through trust than any other single virtue. I say this, for love and trust are the same. Holy Love and Holy Trust are always coupled and they are the embodiment of every other virtue. No one can trust Me who does not love Me. No one can say they love Me who does not also trust in Me.”

“Those who worry or fear for any reason should understand they need to be purified through a deeper perfection in Holy Love.”

December 23, 2005
Conversation with Divine Love

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Deep in My Heart are all your concerns. You do not see how I am going to act or the outcome of God’s Will for you. You contemplate problems with only a human perspective. Worry affects your spirit, as does any negative emotion. I desire your joy and peace. Reserve your concerns for Me. I am the One who helps you.”

April 3, 2006

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. They’re surrounded by 20-30 angels. Jesus says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”


“My brothers and sisters, tonight I have come to remind you that you cannot retrieve the present moment–once it passes, it is gone forever. Do not lose the preciousness of the gift of the present moment through worry or anxiety, or any form of lack of peace. Rather, trust Me, for this is the way to consecrate each moment to Holy and Divine Love. Remember that every situation has its root and its end in the Divine Will of My Eternal Father.”

“Tonight We’re blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

March 25, 2007
Ecumenical Prayer for Unity Amongst All People

Jesus is here, all in white. He says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, My brothers and sisters, you must realize that Satan is trying every inroad into your hearts to destroy your peace. He is the Father of Lies–the master deceiver and unrelenting accuser.”

“The devil tries to rob you of the present moment through guilt, anxiety and worry. These three–guilt, anxiety and worry–are always the enemy’s attack on your trustful surrender to the Divine Will of My Father. My Father’s Will is Pure Mercy–Pure Love.”

“When Satan is able to weaken your trust in the Divine Will, he strengthens his grip on your heart and weakens your journey into Holy and Divine Love.”

“Today, My brothers and sisters, realize that there are many obstacles that can come between your heart and Mine. Your heart can be divided by love of the world, love of reputation, love of your appearance; but these, for certain, are the greatest weapons Satan uses–guilt, anxiety and worry. With these he destroys your trust and your love of Me and of the Divine Will. Therefore, stand guard over your heart and recognize his attacks.”

“I’m blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

April 29, 2008
Conversation with Divine Love

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I am in your forgetfulness, as I am in every human shortcoming, for I am in the midst of your heart. It is I Who help you to overcome error through the Divine Provision of My Father’s Will. It is I Who correct and advise so that you return to the path that will lead to bringing the most souls to Me.”

“Do not waste, then, the precious, present moment in worry or concern for human mistakes. Give everything over to Me Who will bring good to the world through you. This way, the present moment is sanctified.”

August 13, 2011

St. Teresa of Avila says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“So, my sister, I have come once again to speak to the world about hope. I must, at this time, explain the difference between concern and worry. Concern in the outcome of a situation means a healthy interest in the unfolding of events in the future. Concern trusts in, and hopes for, God’s Provision.”

“Worry, on the other hand, does not trust but fears. Worry presents many unlikely outcomes to situations and does not lean on God’s grace. Worry robs the soul of the present moment.”

October 30, 2011

Blessed John Paul II says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“The saints would never have achieved sainthood if they had not desired personal holiness. Not only did they desire holiness, but they burned with the desire to increase in holiness. They were never complacent or self-satisfied in their spiritual journey.”

“The difference today is a relative few nurture this desire in their hearts. When problems arise, they are consumed by the problem. God’s Will is not part of their heart. Many prayers are rendered fruitless for they are offered out of fear and worry instead of trust.”

“The desire for an ever-deepening relationship with God needs to begin with Holy Love, which calls for a surrender of free will. When free will is surrendered to the Divine, God inspires the soul to step away from love of the world, and all its entrapments, to love of God and neighbor. The more he surrenders, the more he desires holiness.”

August 19, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I tell you, a trustful prayer is the most powerful prayer. A prayer based upon worry is a prayer amidst much distraction. The way to trust is to accept any possible outcome of your prayer petition ahead of time, leaving all consequences to God’s Divine Provision.”

“The Eternal Father knows best your needs and the ramifications of His granting your prayer or choosing a different outcome. He knows which graces to send through My Heart to help you accept His answer. He sees the ways Satan tries to discourage your prayers and He helps you to circumvent every distraction.”

“Pray for holy boldness which gives you the courage to pray for anything and at any time. This holy boldness is the vehicle of many great works and many small victories.”