The Difference Between a Strong Leader and a Dictator – Holy Love Message

Holy Love Ministry

November 22, 2016

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“A strong leader is resolved and confirmed in the Truth. The Truth supports his followers and allows them to grow according to God’s Plan. A leader who tries to control does not lead but becomes a dictator. Such a one does not support the Truth as the Truth is not in his heart. This is how evil agendas are conceived and hidden from the people. The one who leads towards the welfare of the people is open to the Divine Will. The one who chooses to control, leads according to his own agenda.”

“In the world, you have various forms of leadership – some based upon the Truth, some on secrecy and still others based upon terrorism. The heart of the world, that is all people and all nations, needs to take a close look at just how and where it is being led. If you are following someone bent on personal gain – be it power, riches or authority – you need to disengage yourself from living under such a leader. A leader is only as strong as his influence over others. Do not lend strength to evil agendas by uniting with them.”

For Further Reflection:

Locutions To The World

January 29, 2012
“The Middle East and the Philippines”


“I begin with words of greeting that lie on the surface of my heart. Then I lead you into the deeper thoughts and finally into my sorrows which lie at the center of my heart. Do not sorrows always occupy the center of a mother’s heart? Can she forget the children, who lived for nine months, so close to that heart? So, today, I speak from the deepest recesses of my heart. I speak words that are filled with sorrow.”

Satan’s Strategy

“The difficulties in the world will not abate. The fires will not cool down. They are just beginning and there is so much fuel to feed them. Satan uses human suffering. The burdened hearts of people are easily used for his purposes. People do not realize that Satan uses desires to be free of suffering as the door to greater sufferings. This is happening all over the Middle East. People who suffer are open to his voice. They are not able to discern. He gets those in power and those who are protesting into a battle of mutual destruction.”

“Everything is distorted. Those who should protect the people, kill them. Some would say that this is the pain of birth. I say that it is not birth but death and chaos that will result. Do you think that this will be limited to the Middle East? Are there not large numbers of people who suffer in all parts of the world. Satan targets these people as his agents because they believe that they have little to lose. After he has used them, he quickly throws them away and empowers others who continue his works of destruction. Look at Egypt. Those who sparked the uprising are set aside because he now uses the army and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The Philippines

“When will people learn? There are solutions to worldwide problems but they lie in my Immaculate Heart. But what people turn to me and invoke me? Look at the Philippines! They invoked me and I ridded them of their dictator without any bloodshed. Contrast the two, the Philippines and the Middle East and you will see two, quite different models. Dictators can be removed without plunging a nation into a furnace of suffering.”