New Book – “Stream of Light: Mary’s Locutions to the World by Topic” from Servant Press


COMMENT (by a soul):
Servant Press, the official publisher for the Volumes of Locutions To The World, recently published a new hard-copy book called, “Stream of Light: Mary’s Locutions to the World by Topic.” The book does not have any new locutions, but what the editor has done is organize various locutions surrounding the theme of the story of God’s Plan for mankind and how that plan is being realized in this present moment of human history. There are 14 chapters and each chapter has commentary alongside the locutions. The commentary includes references to other Catholic works, Holy Scripture, and the Catechism. Although I do not agree with all the conclusions drawn from the locutions in the commentary, I do still think the book is worth purchasing because it has many spiritual insights into understanding the locutions. Finally, I am very happy that Servant Press is continuing work on the locutions, is offering this book based on the locutions and I hope that more books will be forthcoming. The book can be purchased from and here is the link:

God bless!