Mother of God – Medjugorje Special Blessing Given To All Prayer Groups

Holy Family Refuge Messages

November 24, 2016

Come Holy Trinity, the Blessed Mother and all of Heaven

My most beloved son, tell the girls in your prayer group that their dad is in Heaven and very, very happy.  He wants to tell all of them that he is praying for them and all his family and friends from Heaven.  He thanks them for all the prayers they said for him so that he would get into Heaven so quickly.

(Name withheld), tell all of My most beloved daughters that I, their God am very happy with them for all they are doing for you and supporting you in your work (God’s work) in helping you bless all your area with blessed salt and Benedictine medals.  Keep saving souls.  I am very, very happy with all of the (name withheld) daughters and sons and I send a special blessing to this family and to your family and all of your spouses and grandchildren on this Thanksgiving Day.  I love all of you most dearly and I send the same blessing to all the rest of the prayer group and their spouses and grandchildren.  Love, love, and more love, Jesus and Mary and all of Heaven.

My Mother wants to speak to all Her children:  My love, My most beautiful one, I Mary, personally send to ALL prayer groups and to all of your spouses, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren the special blessing that I have been giving at Medjugorje, Caritas and all the rest of the apparition sites around the world, all you have to do is ask for the blessing.  God is permitting Me to give this blessing in a much stronger way this Thanksgiving Day because of all the battles that the world and America will be fighting this coming church year.  This blessing is being given to each of you, and you can pass it on to any and all of your friends either by word of mouth or privately through prayer.  Love, love, and more love, Mother of all My children with the Holy Trinity, the Holy Family, and all of Heaven.  Love the Mother of God.