Blessed Virgin Mary – “Learn to depend on God – His Grace – and not so much your own efforts apart from God”

Holy Love Ministry

December 18, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“You will always have in your midst wars and the threat of wars, pending economic collapse and the ill choices of poor leadership. These realities are no reason to lose hope or to cease trusting in the Lord. God places in the world strategic remedies that guide and support you through every challenge. Sometimes it comes through people. Other times certain and profound graces unfold as solutions, such as this Ministry.* If you trust, you will readily see the ways God is leading you.”

“Learn to depend on God – His Grace – and not so much your own efforts apart from God. The Father is knitting every one of your prayers, sacrifices and efforts together into a fine tapestry – a work of art, that in Heaven you can present to Him. Every stitch is a present moment in time.”

* The ecumenical Ministry of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.

For further reflection:

Holy Love Ministry

May 22, 1999

“I am your Jesus, Divine Love, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to explain to you the fullness of My call, which is self-surrender. Without your surrender I cannot achieve in you My goal and your salvation. Surrender means that you must give up or relinquish something. Self-surrender is My call for you to give up your own will. Your will is directed by whatever is in your heart in the present moment. This is why My call to self-surrender is at once My call to complete submission to Holy Love in the present moment.”

“Self-surrender is the key that unlocks the door to My Heart and to Divine Providence. So often you do not see My Provision because you are blinded by what you want. So often what you want is not good for you and will not lead to your salvation.”

“My provision, My Divine Will for you, is like a great tapestry that I, the Weaver, begin to weave at your conception. All through your life, I design to put each thread in its place to create the masterpiece of your salvation. When you refuse to surrender to Me, you inasmuch as pull a thread out of place. Then I, the Artist, must redesign the entire tapestry so that it all comes together harmoniously. But when you surrender to Me, the final outcome is much more easily attainable. You see My grace and you cooperate with My provision, My plan. The design is more beautiful because it is My best design.”

“Your self-surrender is what moves your feet up the staircase of holiness. Your surrender lets you inhale the sweet fragrance of the bouquet of My grace. Without your surrender you are like a broken tool in the hands of a master carpenter. The carpenter cannot use such a tool, so he sets it aside and searches out a better one. In the same way, I cannot use you to the fullest unless you surrender completely to Me.”

“When you surrender, you are telling Me you trust Me to lead you, guide you, provide for you, protect you. I cannot resist such a one. My love completely embraces such a soul and I am united with him. This is why I tell you, your trust is everything. Your trust is your surrender.”

November 12, 2001

St. Thomas Aquinas comes, bows to the Holy Eucharist, turns and says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to help you understand the eternal depths of God’s Divine Will. Each time faith in God’s plan is tested, it is to bring you deeper into trust, not into panic and fear. The one who trusts does not fear. Satan is in fear. Remember, Scripture has it, ‘Fear is useless; what is needed is trust’.”

“Now, there is a distinct difference between faith and trust. Faith is belief in something that you cannot experience with your senses–that is, you cannot see it, touch it, hear it or smell it. Trust is the surrender to faith. Trust itself is invisible, but you know you are deep into trust when you are at peace.”

“God’s infinite plan for each soul–His Provision and Will–is not visible to the human eye, nor understood in the human intellect. Therefore, to understand God’s Will is simply to accept that God alone is the Master Weaver of the tapestry of each life. The threads that make up the tapestry are the moment to moment graces God gives that lead each soul to his salvation. No one is called outside of God’s Will or to oppose God’s plan. It is Satan who inspires every sin, but free will that acts upon evil inspiration. However, free will is part of God’s plan, and He continually gives fresh graces to overcome the effects of sin.”

“This is a profound teaching–study and meditate upon it. Ask for the grace to understand it.”

April 3, 2002

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to help you understand that there is a common thread that runs through the tapestry of each one’s life. It is trust in God’s Will. Each soul is offered opportunities in his life to practice trust. Trust, remember, is the proving ground of love–the substance of love. The Lord stands back and patiently watches how each one deals with these opportunities to trust. The more the soul trusts in Divine Providence, the deeper he is drawn into the Chambers of the United Hearts.”

“Satan, of course, tries to weaken trust and presents doubts and fears to the heart. These anxieties pull the soul away from the path of holiness, and destroy the peace of each one who gives in to such worries.”

“Learn to recognize the enemy, then, when he attacks in such a way. All that opposes trust is from the adversary. Tighten the fabric of the tapestry God creates in your soul through trust. Do not allow the enemy to unravel this precious handiwork.”

April 23, 2012

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, dear children, I invite you to place your trust always in Divine Mercy and Divine Love, for this is the way out of every situation. This is the way to recognize God’s Will for you.”

“The heart of the world has taken an errant path, depending upon human intelligencia and human effort. This will be all too apparent in future days. God has given you every type of technology towards improving the human condition; but evil has influenced many towards convoluting knowledge for its own purpose and end.”

“Every event is interconnected, be it science, technology, human relationships, even nature itself. All of these fit under the umbrella of God’s Divine Will. When what God gives you for good is misused towards evil, God permits natural disasters, wars and disease. These things are never separate events, but always interwoven into the tapestry of free will and Divine Will.”

“Dear children, please understand that every present moment is a thread in this great tapestry, and every thread affects the final design. In the present moment, what you think, speak or do affects not only the state of your own soul but the state of the world at large. Each present moment for every soul carries with it the grace of salvation and even sanctification.”

“Open your hearts fully to Divine Mercy and Divine Love by accepting My words to you today.”