Jesus Christ – “Let this be a season of hope for I am hoping with you”

Holy Love Ministry

December 13, 2016

“I am your Jesus Born Incarnate.”

“This is the season of joyful anticipation, as you await the celebration of My Coming to earth and arrival in the stable. This year, however, this country can also celebrate the arrival of a new regime in Washington with the coming inauguration of a new president. I will celebrate with you, as hopefully this will draw to a close an amoral era in your nation.”

“It is not wise to give blanket approval to just any refugee. Many come looking helpless but in their hearts hold evil plans. There are many already here whose presence bears the possibility of grave consequences. Future natural disasters will be handled more appropriately under new leadership. Social unrest will be less important and less of a threat, as outside influence will be disarmed.”

“Let this be a season of hope for I am hoping with you.”

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