Recommended Blog – Especially for Youth and Young Adults – “BeautyBeyondBones”

Blessings dear followers,

As a person who doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands, there are not a lot of blogs that I choose to follow on a regular basis in this information-overload-and-media-saturated world. However, I want to take a moment to recommend a blog by a person whom I consider to be a “cyber-friend.” The blog is called, “BeautyBeyondBones,” written by a young woman who is a very devout Catholic, actress, and writer. It is not a prophecy blog. Rather, it is a blog that chronicles the life of a young lady who has faced many challenges, including an eating disorder that almost took her life, but praise be to Jesus, she overcame. Now, she works as an advocate for those looking for hope and encouragement in a world that seems to be against them. She is a voice for many youth and young adults today struggling in this seemingly counter-Christian culture.

And so, I want to recommend her blog, BeautyBeyondBones, for all the young adults who follow this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, for those in youth ministry, and for all those who may know a young adult or teen who needs encouragement in living an “authentic Catholic life.” It is a blog that I wish had existed when I was a young adult and young lady. I also recommend her blog for those who are into healthy-eating, as she features vegetarian recipes each week with pictures that always make me hungry.

Here is her latest blog post for this week:

Post: BeautyBeyondBones – My Body, My Choice

God bless,
–a soul