Special Commentary – Coronavirus Pandemic and Holy Communion in the hand – By a soul

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Special Commentary:
Coronavirus Pandemic and Holy Communion in the hand

By a soul
(March 2, 2020, Feast of Our Lady of Apparitions, Madrid, Spain)

Recently, a devoted follower of MaryRefugeOfHolyLove reached out to me, because her parish priest has forbidden Holy Communion on the tongue due to “health and safety” reasons concerning the Coronavirus pandemic. She felt helpless as there was nothing that she could do and that she and her family must receive Holy Communion in the hand. So, I am writing this special commentary to advise her and all those who might find themselves in a similar state of conflict over Holy Communion by their parish priest or bishop. There is actually plenty that we can do to overcome this, as I do not want people to feel helpless if they face a similar situation in their church.

As blog followers know, for the past year or so, I have been writing commentaries on how we must approach Holy Communion more reverently, mainly, by receiving Holy Communion on the tongue and spending at least twenty minutes in Communion with Our Lord. And in my commentaries, I have included personal stories where the Lord has “endorsed” the practices that I have followed and I have also included many heavenly messages from the Lord from different sources where He has indicated that Holy Communion in the hand is a sacrilege (a sin). (See commentary links below).

So, I brought this issue to the Lord in prayer and both times He responded with one word: “Sacrifice.” So, the question that you must ask yourself here is this: how much do you love the Lord?

The answer to this question is Holy Love. Do you love the Lord above all else, including self and others? Or does your love of the Lord depend on receiving Holy Communion in such a state at Holy Mass? How do you define your love for the Lord? How do you show your love for Him?

Because there are two camps of people that people will fall into on this issue: There is the one camp that feels that in order to properly love the Lord, they must receive Holy Communion at each Holy Mass; and there is the second camp of people who love the Lord so much that they will decline receiving Holy Communion in the hand, because they know such reception will hurt the Lord in His Most Sacred Heart to do so.

For me, I cannot receive Holy Communion in the hand, because I truly know that it is a sacrilegious act and it would physically hurt me—I would cry if I received Him in such a state. I truly know that it would break Our Lord’s Most Sacred Heart and I cannot do it knowing how painful it would be to Him. For me, knowing what I know, to receive Holy Communion in the hand is not an act of loving and worshiping God. For me, it would be an act of disordered love—of me being truly selfish. I would take no pleasure in doing this—it would be twenty minutes of spiritual and even physical pain every Sunday and I would be in a persistent state of disgrace throughout the week? My Confessions would even become sacrilegious because I would have no remorse for my state of continual sin.

So, no, for me, Holy Communion in the hand is not an act of loving God. For me, it would be the ultimate insult of irreverently dishonoring God, because it would take place at the greatest moment that I could loving worship God—the moment of reception of Holy Communion. I could not do this to My Love, Jesus.

So, what would I do if I was presented with this situation? I would “sacrifice” as the Lord told me in prayer. I would stay in the pews and receive Spiritual Communion and continue to worship Jesus in Communion for twenty minutes or more as I usually do. We, Catholics, tend to forget that at Holy Mass that we are surrounded by holy angels. I would simply ask for a holy angel to give me Holy Communion on my tongue and I have no doubt that the Lord would provide me Holy Communion in this way because of the disobedience of the parish priest or bishop. In fact, many times, I have done Spiritual Communions at home, so I am comfortable in asking the Lord to provide for me in this way from the hands of an angel at Holy Mass. I may not see the angel, but I have faith that he is there for me being sent by the Lord.

And in truth, because I would ask to receive the Lord for Spiritual Communion at Holy Mass, most likely, the Lord Himself would provide Holy Communion directly to me and not an angel. Because how simple it would be for the Lord to do this Himself for me at Holy Mass. It is just a matter of faith on my part.

So, for those who might be presented with such situation, this is my answer to you all about Holy Communion in the hand. As for the parish priest or bishop who would try to enforce such a practice, I would also share with him in a letter how disobedient he is being to the Lord and how it shows his lack of faith in God to provide for him and His children. Because truly, any priest or bishop who would do this, really has no faith in God to make the act of receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion a matter of contention. No priest or bishop can do such a practice and not receive the Holy Wrath of God in some way or manner—either in this life or the afterlife. It is a matter of abuse of authority.

I hope that this commentary helps others. God bless you.

I love you.
—a soul

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For Reference:

Messages from The Lord Jesus Christ to His Little Prophet of Love

Public Message
December 31, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet

My little one, I AM your Jesus. I have been with you child. Every time you pray I AM present. Easy to think I AM not here, as you sometimes do. Every prayer is valuable. Even ones you said when you find it hard. More of My children are not being the way they should. I weep, I weep for My little ones. Never has there been a time in history when I AM ignored as much as now. My church is crumbling. Each fragment is piercing My heart.

My children I want you to be worthy and in a state of grace when you receive Me. Each time you receive and you aren’t I AM so sorry that this has happened. I children AM present in My Eucharist. My precious heart is present in My Eucharist, those who think otherwise are mistaken. I beat, I pulsate I AM present. I want each lamb to be fed. I want a world full of children that love Me. I AM being forsaken by those I love. All I need is you!

Pick up, pick up your crosses and follow Me.

I AM your God.

I AM Jesus children, listen and partake in what I have said.

In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit.

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