Message to Anna Marie – Jesus will return on Easter Sunday to bless our Bread and Water on our Home Altar along with our Bibles and Sacramentals – Jesus also speaks on the Coronavirus and the Illumination of the Soul

Apostolate of the Green Scapular


THURSDAY, APRIL 9, 2020 @ 1:25 A.M.

Anna Marie: My dear Lord, I hear you calling me. My Lord, are you Father, Son or Holy Spirit?

Jesus: My dear little one, it is I, your Divine Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.

Anna Marie: Yes my Holy Lord, may I ask you please? Will you bow down and adore God your Eternal Holy Father, who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible and invisible?

Jesus: Yes, my little one. I your Divine Savior will now and will always bow down and adore my Holy Eternal Merciful Father, who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible and invisible.

Anna Marie: Please speak my Divine Savior, Christ the King, for your sinful servant is now listening.  [A private message was given to Anna Marie.]  My Lord, will you be coming this Easter to bless our bread and water?

Jesus: Yes, I will come and bless all bread and water of those who have prepared them for my blessing. I will come to all homes and will also bless their Bibles, Rosaries, Chaplets, Medals and anything that is used for holy worship and devotion to me, their Divine Savior.

Anna Marie: Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus. My Lord, do you have anything you want to share about this terrible virus?

Jesus: Yes, tell my beloved Apostles around the world that I their Savior am watching over them and their children (Blessed Mother appeared), their parents, their family members and even their pets. I have placed many Angels upon the Earth to watch over them and they are present, waiting to guide them when the time comes.

Anna Marie: Yes Jesus.

Jesus: My dear one, even you may be removed from your home, so I ask that you continue to surrender yourself into my will as you currently do daily.

Anna Marie: Yes Jesus, I will do all that you ask. My Lord if at all possible, can you please impart your Divine Grace of Trusting You into all the hearts and minds of your Apostles around the world. Although we trust you Jesus, so many are afraid, fearful of what is coming next, not certain if our family members will remain in tact or that we will all be separated from one another.

Anna Marie: My beloved Lord, on Good Friday, you proved your love for all mankind by dying on the Cross for our salvation. And Easter, you arose from the dead because you are Almighty God the Son, yet Jesus, you know we are still human: weak and fearful of anything we cannot understand or of the prophesies that will soon take place by your many holy servants around the world. My Lord, may we please receive any extra graces to endure the many concerns so many are worried about, please?

Jesus: Yes, I understand the fears many have especially over this corona virus and over employment and the many daily struggles my beloved children are enduring now. When the Illumination of the Soul takes place, THEN will my children receive extraordinary graces. Their souls will be enlightened to my Heavenly Father’s will and for those in the State of Grace, they will endure the presence of Heaven which is MY LOVE for them. My love will permeate their bodies with such grace, many will be in ecstasy during that short time. Even those who are not in the perfect State of Grace, they too will experience my “Rapture of Love” for them, understanding what needs to be mended in their lives in order to be one with their Divine Savior.

Jesus: My beloved one, ask my dearest children to TRUST in my love for each of them. When they recite the Novena and Chaplet of Divine Mercy, recite slowly these words, “JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU”. I will in turn, pour my Divine Grace into their hearts and endow them with a greater grace of Peace and Trust in my love for them.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord, thank you my Holy Merciful Divine Savior. Thank you so much. We need you now Jesus, more then ever.

Jesus: Yes my dear one. Now it is time for you to rest, you will have a busy day in the morning.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord. Please tell Mother “Thank you” from all her Apostles. Her Annunciation Novena has helped us all in our communities because the numbers are beginning to fall from the corona virus statistics and my Sweet Jesus, we know Mother Dearest helped make this miracle a reality. You too Jesus, you have blessed our many countries with healing but we are very, very sad that we may not be able to go to Mass on Easter Sunday. So please forgive us all Jesus!

Jesus: For those who are unable to attend Easter Sunday Church services, then watching Mass on your television or computer, thereby making a Spiritual Communion will suffice for this time. Now be in peace. I love you all and am with you always. Your Divine Savior, Jesus of Divine Mercy.

End of Message

Placing Bread and Water on Your Home Altar

Molded Bread From Your Home Altar