Video Link – Catholic Actor, Jim Caviezel, at the Health and Freedom Conference (Tulsa, Oklahoma) – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Below is a link to a 19-minute video of Catholic Actor, Jim Caviezel, speaking at the recent Health & Freedom Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is worth watching as he speaks about his upcoming film, Sound of Freedom, that will be released (God-willing) in the 4th quarter of this year (2021). The film (true story) is about rescuing the abused children who are sold into the sex-trafficking markets around the world. It is certainly a film worth supporting, especially, by prayer, so it can be brought to the fore-front of attention in this crazed-media and anti-God entertainment world that opposes such efforts. Unfortunately, I can only place a video link and not the actual video on this blog post, due to censorship. But, please watch the video on the alternative platform as it is worth your time to help these children and to get the word out about the film. God bless, –a soul