St. Francis of Assisi – “Try to avoid Purgatory at all costs in an effort to always please God first and foremost”

Holy Love Ministry

August 2, 2016

St. Francis of Assisi says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Always remain childlike, simple and unassuming. I have come today to speak to you about purgatory, since today is the day of the indulgence of Portiuncula.”

“Purgatory is different for every soul. The soul may commit the same sin as another and yet his purgatory may be completely different according to his propensity to serve self or God. The one who slips into sin without remorse and does not repent until his deathbed suffers greatly in the flames of purgatory. The one who is weak in sin, but tries to overcome his faults suffers less.”

“There are many in the world today who love their own opinions above and beyond what is good and what is evil. They do not recognize Satan’s influence over them. These are the ones who suffer gravely their separation from Divine Love in Purgatory.”

“Be renewed in this indulgence today so that you will be innocent in the Eyes of God. Try to avoid Purgatory at all costs in an effort to always please God first and foremost.”

How To Gain the Plenary Indulgence:

(for oneself or for a departed soul)
Granted on August 2nd

  • Sacramental Confession to be in God’s grace(during the eight days before or after);
  • Participation in the Holy Mass and Eucharist;
  • Visit to a Catholic Church, followed by PROFESSION OF FAITH, in order to reaffirm one’s own Christian identity;
  • Say the OUR FATHER, in order to reaffirm the dignity as child of God that one received in Baptism;
  • A prayer for the Pope’s intention, in order to reaffirm one’s membership in the Church, of which the Roman Pontiff is the foundation and sign of visible unity.

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Reminder: Preparing for the Coming Famine – Special Blessing By Jesus This Saturday, August 6, 2016

Reminder: Preparing for the Coming Famine

COMMENT (By a soul):
I am making this posting to remind everyone to take advantage of the Special Blessing of Prosperity for Food and Water by Jesus for the Coming Famine. Here are the instructions for the Special Blessing this Saturday, August 6, 2016:

Saturday, August 6, 2016 – Special Blessing from Jesus Christ for the Coming Famine – Instructions for Preparing Bread and Water

Also, for those who do not know what type of food to store, I suggest the Miraculous Sustaining Grapes, and/or Honey and Nuts. See these blog pages:

Miraculous Sustaining Grapes

A Blessing For Famine – A Spoonful of Honey and Some Nuts for Daily Nourishment

Also, I suggest that you have some holy water from Maranatha Spring and Shrine (home of Holy Love Ministries) for healing and to possibly drink. Here is the blog page for information (see bottom of the page):

Having Adequate Water For The Tribulation

Finally, I want to make sure that everyone reads this message from Jesus through Prophet John Leary. It is encouraging that Jesus will multiply our food and water as needed if we have faith in Him during the famine. God bless!

Prophet John Leary

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jesus said: “My people, you have a network of air freight and large trailer trucks that deliver your food to your local grocery stores. These stores keep only three days supply of food to keep your stores full. If there is something to keep these trucks from their deliveries, many people could go hungry. I have suggested for some time to have about one year’s supply of food on hand for each person in your household. You can buy this over time, and food is not that expensive compared to gold and silver that you cannot eat. If you do not have much money, or little space to store food, then I will multiply what you need until you leave for My refuges. A man-made famine is coming, so have some food on hand.”

Our Lady of Medjugorje – August 2, 2016 Monthly Message – Day for Non-Believers

Our Lady of Medjugorje
August 2, 2016 Monthly Message
Given through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

“Dear children, I have come to you – among you – for you to give me your concerns so that I may offer them to my Son; that I may intercede for you before Him for your good. I know that each of you has his concerns, his trials. Therefore I am inviting you in a motherly way: come to the table of my Son. He is breaking bread for you; He is giving Himself to you; He is giving you hope; He is asking for more faith, hope and serenity from you. He is seeking of you to battle within against egoism, judgement and human weaknesses. Therefore, as a mother, I am saying: pray; because prayer gives you strength for the interior battle. My Son, when He was little, often said to me that there will be many who will love me and call me ‘mother’. Among you, I feel love. Thank you. For the sake of that love I am imploring my Son that none of you, my children, will return home the same as he came; that you may take with you all the more hope, mercy and love; that you may be my apostles of love who will witness with their lives that the Heavenly Father is the source of life and not of death. Dear children, anew, in a motherly way I am imploring you, pray for the chosen ones of my Son, for their blessed hands – for your shepherds – that they may preach my Son with all the more love and in this way bring about conversions. Thank you.”

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“My Son and I will be coming to take many of Our children home very soon now – Please make sure you are ready for Heaven or Purgatory and not hell”

Holy Family Refuge Messages!holyfamilyrefuge/cdow

Come Holy Spirit with the Trinity’s words for His Son, July 26, 2016

My beloved son, this is Jesus of love and mercy, and justice.  Your country has not been listening to their God and Maker of Heaven and earth.  As you and your friends said, there are a lot of good people in America but the good people are not following the Commandments.  They are not going to Sunday Mass or any religious celebrations on Sunday.  A lot of them are treating their neighbors and friends good according to the world’s standards, not God’s standards.  Many are divorced and remarried without a Catholic Church annulment.  Many are going to Mass and Communion in a state of mortal sin and committing another sin.  Many go to Mass when they feel like it or one or two times a year.  They skip Mass for sports or any other entertainment that comes in the way of Mass.  They  live together as man and man, or woman and woman, or man and woman without even thinking about a real relationship as husband and wife married in a church in a religious ceremony that their God respects.

Yes as your world looks at it, there are many good people in the world but they are not good in the eyes of God and the Ten Commandments.  If you do not follow the Ten Commandments or ask forgiveness when you commit a sin from your God, or as a Catholic to a priest that represents your God on earth, you are not a good person in the eyes of your God.  You cannot do what feels good when you want to and think you are a good person living in the Will of your God.

I come to tell you one last time that your time is running out quickly.  Your world, as you know it, will not be anymore because of all the sins being committed.  It has been taken over by satan and the majority of the people are walking in the path of satan, not in the path of God who made them.  The Warning is about to come and then the antichrist will promise you a chip in the body and tell you he will give you anything you want and the ones who do not take the chip will not have anything.  You have all listened to satan’s lies before and sometimes believed them.  Do not believe him this time because if you take the chip you will get what he wants, not what you want.  You will turn into a robot from the chip controlling your every move and get a free ride straight to hell.  My children, never listen to a liar.  You will never win anything but heartache and hell if it comes from satan.

My children, I am trying to be as gentle with this message as possible, but the consequences of it will lead you to Heaven for all eternity or to hell for all eternity.  Love, God the Father.  Amen.

Come Holy Spirit with Mary’s words and the Trinity’s protection, July 30, 2016

My love, My beautiful one, this is Mary the Mother of God to all the human race through the power of the most high, God the Father.  He wants Me to speak to you one more time about all the love of the Father and Mother of Heaven and earth.  My son and all Our children, please come to My Father and me when you need love and peace and joy and not to all the things of the world.  The world will just give you momentary pleasures and nothing that lasts.  Most of the things of the world are controlled and run by satan now because of all the sins of the world.  You’ve got to come to Heaven for joy and peace and love.  Then you can give it to your brothers and sisters that do not know about real love.  My children are so confused about their roles in life in this era of time.

My Son and I will be coming to take many of Our children home very soon now.  Please make sure you are ready for Heaven or Purgatory and not hell.  We are all forgiving parents and it is your job and duty to ask forgiveness from your heart for all your past sins.  As My Son said in the other message, you have to ask forgiveness from your heart because We will not go against your free will.  We will send many graces to you just for your asking or that of your brothers and sisters asking for you.  Heaven is full of angels and saints just wanting you to ask them to help you and be with you at all times, day and night.  They will give you all the grace you need to get to Heaven just for the asking.  Forget the sins of the past by asking God’s forgiveness from your heart, mind and soul and then begin to live in the present time with the love and peace of your Mother and Father and all of Heaven.

God never wanted the earth to be sinful.  It was Our children who chose through their own free will to sin instead of following the Ten Commandments that God set down for all to follow and be happy on earth and extremely happy in Heaven.  It is never too late to get down on your knees and beg your God’s forgiveness for all your past sins and be forever happy in Heaven.

The Catholic Church is the One True Church by My Son’s death and resurrection to be followed by all mankind.  The other churches are all taken from the Catholic Church and they just dropped things from the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church that they did not want to obey.  That is how, with satan’s help, the churches got so watered down to the point they are today, the same way that he tricked Eve to eat of the apple from the forbidden tree.

My children, I just ask you to do the best you can with the knowledge  that has been given to you in your life.  Some have been given much and some have been given little to work with.  You will be judged by what you have done with what God has given you.  A teaching from your loving Mother.  Love, love, and more love.