Holy Love Blessings Given By Jesus and Mary (Please Pass Along To Others!)

The United Hearts

Holy Love Ministry

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Blessings given by Jesus and Mary

The Privileges Granted by Jesus

This Mission has a wonderful gift to share with you, and hope that you will begin extending it to the world! Recently, Jesus said that when any of the following blessings are now given, each Blessing will give the benefits of ALL the Blessings:

Complete Blessing of the United Hearts
Blessing of the United Hearts
Blessing of Holy Love
Blessing of Divine Love
Blessed Mother’s Special Blessing

Additionally, these Blessings and their benefits are now transferable, and can be given to individuals or to groups, in the silence of your heart or aloud. Think of the effect on the world as these blessings are generously extended to all whom you can think of daily!

The combined benefits are summarized herein. Remember, you give or receive the benefits of all the Blessings by giving or receiving even one of them. And you can give or receive them by saying or writing or e-mailing something like “May you receive the United Hearts Blessings.” This can be said aloud or prayed in the silence of your heart. It may be extended to individuals or to groups. So for example, you may want to extend it to all the people in the world, to all your friends, to all your relatives, to all whom you may have hurt, or who may have hurt you. Be creative. The advantage of people being aware that they receive it is that they can then PASS IT ON!


Jesus: “My brothers and sisters, today (August 5, 2007) as We bless you, I am going to imbue an indwelling love of God the Father in each heart, for He is much misunderstood, as is this Mission. This blessing will carry with it great graces towards conversion, and it can be passed from one person to another. You must understand that to love Me is to love My Father as well, Who is gentle and loving as I am.”


Jesus: “My brothers and sisters, as the new Complete Blessing of the United Hearts is given on a regular basis here at the Prayer Site, souls will feel inspired to come closer to the Paternal Love of My Father. But this call will need to be protected; and so, I am asking My foster father, Joseph, to protect hearts and this inspiration to know the Father better.”


Jesus: “I have long desired to share with you what I am about to say. For all time, I have wished to bestow this Blessing of the United Hearts, but it has been reserved for these times and to begin here in this mission. I will bestow it liberally upon those who attend the rosary service.

1. It will gratify the most distant hearts and bring them closer to Me.

2. It will strengthen spiritually and often physically. I will be coming quite often now with My Mother.

3. This Blessing of Our United Hearts is preparing mankind for My Second Coming.

4. The Blessing carries with it special graces of healing – both spiritual and physical. The blessing comes directly from Me in spiritual union with My Mother.

5. It will be a deterrent to Satan and bring with it disclosure of evil in hearts and in the world. It will draw everyone who receives it to a devotion of Our United Hearts.”

“I tell you these things not in confidence but to be made known. As with any grace, it is a cooperation between man and God.” (Jesus, March 1996)


The Blessing of Holy Love enables one to live in the virtue of Holy Love – loving God above all else, and neighbor as self.


There is now a cross in front of Jesus that seems to be made of droplets of blood, like on the Rosary of the Unborn. Jesus says, “This represents the Blessing of Divine Love.” Jesus, June 19, 1999

“I have come to explain to you the Blessing of Divine Love. It is a strength in adversity, patience amidst trial. It is a deepening in the virtues that I am calling you to through this Blessing of Divine love. You will find the way without difficulty once you surrender.” Jesus, June 21, 1999

“I reveal to you that My Blessing of Divine Love brings with it the grace of zeal for holiness.” Jesus, August 14,1999


The Special Blessing is bestowed upon us by Our Lady as She sees fit, knowing the graces we need in our lives. All the above benefits are bestowed when any of the Blessings are received.

Resources at the Apostolate of the Green Scapular website

Resources at the Apostolate of the Green Scapular website

COMMENT (by a soul):
I was poking around the website of the Apostolate of the Green Scapular (http://www.greenscapular.org), and there are some really good resources for Catechism, healing, and prayers on the site.  I suggest that people spend some time looking at the website, because there is a lot of great information.  I know that many of these resources have been approved by Fr. John, who is the priest and spiritual director of visionary, Anna Marie.

Meanwhile, I am posting a few links to the website, to pique some interest.  God bless!

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Blessed Virgin Mary – “Once again, I come to awaken you as to the path you consider following as a nation (USA)”

Holy Love Ministry

August 14, 2016
Feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Sometimes whole countries are willing to compromise Truth for the sake of compromised leadership. The most extreme example would be Nazi Germany. Your country is not following such an evil path as that. However, time is proving out that millions are willing to overlook grave errors in judgment – even lying – to support someone unqualified in leadership. This is the shadow of deceit Satan places over hearts.”

“The Saint whom you honor today (Maximilian Kolbe) offered his life when he witnessed the injustice of those who follow deceived leadership. In this current struggle for leadership, people are not paying heed to who has what solution or who supports which issue. If morals were sound as they should be, abortion would not be an issue and would not influence your political point of view. However, today people choose according to their own opinions and not to please God.”

“Once again, I come to awaken you as to the path you consider following as a nation. Do not support corruption or allow corruption to rule you. A good leader is honest and open. He hides nothing. He is not ambitious for ambition’s sake, but ambitious for the welfare of his followers.”

“Weigh, in light of this, your choices.”