Why it is Okay for All People to Ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to Intercede for Them

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Why it is Okay for All People to Ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to Intercede for Them

A short commentary
By a soul

(8/17/16 – Eve of the Feast of the Coronation of Our Lady)

I am writing this short commentary for the many people who visit this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove.  While many of them are Catholic, I know there are many Christians of other denominations as well, and also, perhaps, people of other faiths or no faith at all.

I am writing this commentary for all of them.

I want to introduce you to Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  She is the Mother of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and Your Mother, too, although, you might not be certain of that fact yet.  I want to tell you that it is okay to ask the Blessed Mother to intercede for you and for others in prayer.  You do not have to be Catholic or an Orthodox Christian to turn to Our Lady and to ask Her for certain favors.  She loves you just as She loves Her own Child, Jesus.  Our Lady was entrusted by Jesus to all of us at the foot of The Cross before Jesus died.  She was given to us to be the Mother of All and She desires that you know that in your heart.

Mary loves you very much and She wants you to know that honestly and truly.  If you simply say, “Mary, help me to know Jesus better and love God more,” She will answer that prayer in a profound way for you.  She desires that very much for you and if you have certain needs, She will listen to them and respond to them as best as She could as Your Mother.

Mary will obtain the “best grace” possible for you and your particular need.  It may not be exactly what you want, but it will be the best grace that God desires to give to you.

Mary will provide for you, as any loving mother would.

There are many theological arguments on the internet about why or why not praying to Mary is a good thing.  Many of them are arguments based in Holy Scripture, which may or may not be correct interpretations, but they are written by people with good intentions, who simply want to honor God as best they can.

If you would like to read a theological argument, then by all means, search for an appropriate article to read.  But, what I am writing is not a theological argument…  Rather, it is a writing based on the heart and what the heart feels is right—Love.

This is a commentary of Truth in Love.  Not made of fancy words and articulated viewpoints.  Rather, it is a writing that appeals to your heart and what you know, instinctively, as a child of God.

Mary is Your Mother.  She loves you.

From the very beginning of Christianity, the Blessed Mother has been honored by the faithful.  You may not know this fact, but the early Christians loved and honored the Blessed Mother very much.  During the first 300 years of Christianity, the early Christians hid in the Catacombs—the tunnels underneath Rome, Italy—to protect themselves from on-going persecution by the Roman empire.  In the Catacombs, the early Christians would hold Mass (prayer services) to God and would bury the deceased Christians in marked tombs.

Do you know what these early Christians would mark on the tombs?  There are tunnels of tombs marked with many prayers to Mary and the Saints in Heaven.

The early Christians believed in the powerful intercession of Mary and also, the martyrs of the faith, because they knew that they were close to God’s favor in Heaven.  And so, they marked the tombs with intercessory prayers, because they also believed in the existence of Purgatory, which some faithful may have to go to, to be fully purified from sin before finally going to Heaven.

This was the real beauty and true fullness of the meaning of the Communion of Saints—the family of God.  One Body in Christ, One shared and Mutual Love no matter the distance between earth and Heaven.

Just as a Christian today might ask another faithful to pray for them on earth, the Oneness in Christ meant that the early Christians felt immediate closeness and oneness to those already saved in Heaven.  Asking Mary or a Saint to pray for you and intercede for you is no different from asking someone on earth.  And guess what?  It has the extra bonus grace of faith attached to it, so God looks with great favor on those who trust in Him through demonstrating their deep faith in intercessory prayer in Heaven.  Faith moves mountains.

Some people might say that praying to Mary and the Saints is idol worship and prohibited by Holy Scripture.  But, these same people might not know that the Ten Commandments are interpreted differently by Protestant Christians and Catholic/Orthodox Christians.  In fact, the Ten Commandments were changed by the Protestant Christians during the Reformation, so it could be justified the ransacking of Catholic Churches and overturning of statues, dismantling of Crucifixes, and destroying of relics of the Saints.

I do not want to go into theological debates here, but simply research the differences between the Ten Commandments in the Protestant Churches and the Catholic/Orthodox Church.  You will see they are written differently and it is up to you to discern the better argument—

Meanwhile, I continue to appeal to the heart.

Many Christians are proud of being “Bible-only” believers.  I applaud them for their fidelity to seeking Truth in Holy Scripture.  Truly, I am impressed by those who know by heart many verses of Holy Scripture.

I wish that I had that good of a memory and could be that learnt in the Holy Bible.  But, alas, I am not graced with those talents.  I have accepted that fact sadly.

Yet, I ask the “Bible-only” believers, how do you teach a person who cannot read?  Is Christianity really a faith limited to those who can read?  Or, is there something more to it?

Love is shown much more than through words.  Love is shown through acts of love.

Statues, murals of art, paintings, stained glass, prayer cards, and other works such as music that glorify God are acts of love that teach others the traditions, stories and mysteries of the Christian faith.  These acts of love are what has sustained the Christian faith for the past 2000 years during which most Christians could not read.  This is a simple historical fact.

Some of these works of art—acts of love—honor the Blessed Mother and the Saints.  I simply say, as Christians, we must not be afraid to love.

A Saint, Maximilian Kolbe, once said:

“Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much. You can never love her more than Jesus did.”

In the Ten Commandments that are shared between Protestant Christians and Catholic/Orthodox Christians is the Commandment of “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother.”  We also know that Our Lord, Jesus Christ, fulfilled perfectly all the Commandments of God, no doubt loving His Mother all the more than we ever could.

If Jesus opened His Sacred Heart to His Mother and we are called to imitate Him in all ways, how can we not also open our own hearts to Her as well?  To honor Mary, is to honor Jesus.  To love Mary, is to love Jesus and the way He calls us to love.

On this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, I want to tell you of three resources that have been created especially for you.  These webpages are called:

“Invitation To Become A Child Of Mary”

“Our Lady Speaks To Those Who Never Heard The Gospel”

“Our Lady Speaks To Those Who Have Little Love In Their Life”

These three webpages were created so that you could learn more about Our Lady and the message of the Gospel (which means, “Good News”).  I hope you were take the time to read the heavenly messages and will invite the Blessed Mother to have a place in your life, because She loves you very tenderly and desires only your best.

Also, on this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, I try to feature every day the daily heavenly message of Holy Love Ministry (http://www.holylove.org).  The daily heavenly message are words of wisdom from Our Lord, Our Lady, or the many Saints that visit the site of Maranatha Spring and Shrine, which is home of Holy Love Ministries.  It is located near Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Holy Love Ministry is an ecumenical organization not affiliated with any church authority.  Although the visionary who receives the messages is Catholic and many of the followers of the messages are Catholic, it is open to all peoples of good will who desire to know and love God better.  You do not have to be Catholic to believe in the heavenly messages and anyone can visit and participate in the prayers and prayer services.  It is open to one and all.

Also, if the spirituality of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary appeals to you, there is also a prayer association that you can join that is open to all peoples.  It is called the “Secular Order of Missionary Servants of Holy Love (MSHL)” and more information can also be found at the main website for Holy Love Ministry.

Finally, I want to conclude with a heavenly message from Our Lady through Locutions To The World.  God bless!

September 20, 2011

“The Road the King Will Use to Come Again”


“I begin where I always begin – in my Immaculate Heart.  This is the heavenly Father’s secret, his plan for the salvation of the world.  He has placed his Son in my heart.  His Holy Spirit has come to abide in my heart.  These are the secrets that I am trying to reveal so all might know of this treasury.  Some misinterpret this doctrine.  They think I am speaking of my own powers and my own prerogatives.  Rather, I am speaking of God’s powers and where to find them.”

“Am I not the Mother of God?  Did not Jesus, true God and Lord of all, dwell in me?  Did not the Holy Spirit overshadow me?  These are the realities that I speak about when I proclaim the importance of my Immaculate Heart.  “He who is mighty has done great things in me”.  I am revealing what God has done by his own free decision.  Just as he decided to abide in the human nature of Jesus, so he has decided to make my Immaculate Heart a place of his abiding and a place where all can find him.”

“People search for Jesus.  They look, but so many times they do not find.  He is in my heart.  He abides there.  He dwells there.  For this reason, the Father wants all the world to honor my Immaculate Heart.  This is the easiest place to find his Son, Jesus.”

“He came the first time through me and he will come the second time through me.  If a king is coming by a certain road, cannot the citizens go out to meet him?  Surely, they can stay home.  Yes, the king will certainly come.  Yet, the wise citizens say, “We need not wait.  We can go out to meet the king”.  They only need to know the road that he will use to come to their city.”

“Everyone knows the road that Jesus used to come the first time.  This is without dispute.  My revelation is so simple, “The road he used the first time, he will use the second time” and those who understand it can go out to meet him.  They can find him before the others, who have no interest in meeting the king or do not know which road he will use.  Now you see the importance of these revelations of my Immaculate Heart.  The king is coming and you can be the first to greet him.”

Blessed Virgin Mary – “Solemnly, I tell you, the heart of the world is like a barren desert…”

Holy Love Ministry

August 17, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Solemnly, I tell you, the heart of the world is like a barren desert. Where the Word of God cannot take root and flourish. As on a desert there is an occasional oasis offering peace and refreshment. That is what this Mission* is – an oasis that replenishes the soul with Truth.”

“Once the soul leaves this oasis, it behooves him to hang onto the refreshment he received while here.** This is often difficult to do amidst the drought of spirituality in the world today and the compromise of Truth so widely accepted. The soul finds he can receive the same revitalization through reading these Messages*** and taking them to heart. It is like a canteen of water he can carry with him.”

“This may appear simplistic, but it reinforces what I have been telling you all along. The heart of the world has become spiritually barren as mankind seeks his own solutions apart from God. This apparition**** and ongoing Messages are the Heavenly intervention each soul needs. Is it possible to pass by an oasis without noticing it? It is if others tell you it is only a mirage. Here is where My Heavenly invitation comes into play. I invite you – one and all – to come and see that this oasis of Truth – this Mission – is real.”

* The ecumenical Mission of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.
** The apparition site of Maranatha Spring and Shrine.
*** The Messages of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.
**** The apparitions at Maranatha Spring and Shrine – the Home of Holy Love Ministries.

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