Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy) – Important Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ about the Holy Eucharist

COMMENT (by a soul):
I want to share this important message from Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the Book of Truth, because sometimes critics of 7th Messenger and End-Time Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy, say that the heavenly messages promote heresy and schism within the Catholic Church. Also, because they identify the current pope as the false prophet of Revelation, they should not be followed. However, while the prophecies remain to be fully seen, I want to share this particular message, because Jesus urges his beloved children to continue to attend Mass in the Catholic Church and remain faithful to its teachings. In this message, Jesus makes it very clear that the Remnant Church will only go “underground” when the meaning of The Holy Eucharist is changed and the sacrificial act is replaced by a pagan ritual by the false prophet. Until then, we are encouraged to stay faithful to the visible Catholic Church, no matter how painful it will be to witness all the changes to occur. But, of course, as the changes to doctrine, dogma, and sacraments happen, Jesus has encouraged us to seek and attend Catholic churches with priests that remain faithful to its traditions and teachings passed down since its founding. God bless!

From the Book of Truth

“My Holy Eucharist must still be received by you. You must not stop your daily Sacrifice, as it will not be you who will be forced to make this decision”
Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 @ 15:30

“My dearly beloved daughter, the daily Masses will continue for some time and I urge all My followers to continue to attend them, as before.”

“My Holy Eucharist must still be received by you. You must not stop your daily Sacrifice, as it will not be you who will be forced to make this decision. It will be declared to become a different kind of sacrifice to God and you will know, instantly, when it will happen, for the practice of the Holy Mass will be stopped by the false prophet. In the place of the Holy Mass will be a one-world pagan ritual and you, My beloved followers, blessed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit will recognize it, for what it will be.”

“You must never ever abandon the Church I gave to the world, which is based upon My Teachings, and the Sacrifice of My death on the Cross, presented to you with the most Sacred Gifts.”

“You, My beloved followers, are My Church. My beloved priests and clergy, blessed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit, will never forsake Me. Nor, will they forsake you. And so, My Church will live on, as it can never die. The Church is My Body on earth, and therefore, can never be destroyed. Yet it will be crushed, tormented and discarded and then left in the wilderness to die. While every attempt to destroy every last morsel of life will be made by My enemies, My Church will rise again. But remember, it will never die, although it might appear this way.”

“My Church on earth will be reduced in size and will become, through no fault of its own, the remnant army.”

“My True Vicar, discarded, will fight to lead God’s children to the best of his ability. It will be I, Jesus Christ, who will guide you, lift you and deliver you from the evil, which will be forced upon you; an evil, which will come to an abrupt and terrible end, for all those who side with the antichrist and his slaves.”


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