The Stairway To Spiritual Perfection – The Ladder Of Virtues – Holy Love And Holy Humility

From the Book of Truth
(Maria Divine Mercy)

“Stairway to spiritual perfection”
Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 @ 02:30

Write this, My beloved daughter. Faith has a way of deserting My most devout followers when they least expect it. This is important, as it tests their faith, so that they will come back into My Heart, all the more strong for the experience. Fear not, this is a trial which I allow My children to endure so that they will become stronger.

It is not easy to retain your faith in Me, My children, as there are so many obstacles, which block your devotion. You will, from time to time, feel a complete emptiness in your soul. This can leave you in an agitated state because you feel alone without a crutch.

For, My faithful followers, you must understand this. I, despite the loneliness you may experience, Am never far away. All of these episodes have one goal, to strengthen your faith, in such a way, so as to ensure that you move a few steps towards Me each time. This is what is called the stairway to spiritual perfection, that is Heaven. It is a long stairway and can take a very long time to reach the upper steps. Each step can represent a new revelation into what lessons you must experience before you can attain the Graces you need to elevate your souls to the spiritual perfection needed to enter My Father’s Paradise.

As each step is mounted, a new awareness of which I expect of you is realised. Hard, at times, unfair it may seem, at other times. But for each step you climb, the more astute you become in understanding the Truth of My Teachings.

Some climb these steps quickly, while others take their time. Some of My devout followers may lose courage and back one step, two steps or three at a time. This is natural. Others who move too quickly, gain a confidence that convinces them they understand all spiritual matters. But this is the deceiver’s way of making you believe and accept this false confidence. All gifts bestowed on you can only come from Me. They are given to you, My faithful followers, out of My boundless Love for you. You must never assume that because your faith is strong that this is all your doing. Yes, your faith may be strong because of your tenderness of heart. Yet, this is also a Gift from Me. You must, in order to reach the top step, be humble in your love for Me. Show virtue at all times.

Show confidence in your faith, by all means, as this is pleasing to Me. But never fall into the trap of believing you know the full mysteries of the Divine Realm. As humans, born with original sin, only time will reveal these mysteries to you, My children. Strive always to accept everything, even the trials I may send you, as a Gift from Me. All My Gifts are bestowed to make you strong in your love for Me.

I Am so very proud of all My children, who believe in Me and show Me honour and respect. So that I can lift you up to the full Glory of My Father’s Paradise, you need to aspire to the glory of perfect union in Me.

To do this, My children, takes a little time and requires patience, before you yield to the total abandonment of your soul to Me.

Once that happens you become part of My Mystical Body for eternity.

Surrender, My children, to My absolute Pure Love and you will never have to look back or fear, for you will be safe in My Arms.

Keep strong, My faithful children, even in the face of obstacles, for I will never desert My beloved devoted followers. Ever.



Holy Love Ministry

July 24, 2002

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He is standing next to a ladder. He says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come today to give you this illustration of a soul’s journey into the Fourth Chamber of Divine Love. The ladder represents the Third Chamber of the United Hearts which is the perfection of virtue. Each step is a virtue. The side railings that the soul must cling to in order to climb up this ladder represent humility and love. Every virtue is fastened to Holy Humility–Holy Love. If it is not, it becomes unsteady and weakened. The virtue itself becomes false. The soul who is trying to climb, easily slips backwards.”

“I give you this graphic to show you how important humility and love are in the spiritual life. God, you know, is never fooled by exterior pretense. He sees clearly into every heart. Indeed, humility is knowing that you are nothing more than you are in the Eyes of God. True Holy Love is loving God’s Divine Will in the present moment. Neither of these virtues can be acquired through the intellect, but only in the heart; that is, you are not loving and humble by thinking that you are. These virtues come through the soul’s cooperation with the action of the Divine Will in their lives. Both of these virtues require a lessening of self-love. The more the soul loses sight of self, the more God fills the void.”

“These two virtues work together in the heart to lead the soul into the Fourth Chamber. One cannot work apart from the other. Without them the other virtues do not enter the heart.”

“I reveal this to make the climb easier. Pray to be open always to God’s Will for you.”

July 24, 2002

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He says:

“I have come to continue my lesson on Holy Love–Holy Humility. Consider once again the ladder whose steps are the virtues and whose side rails are love and humility. When the step breaks away from the side rail, it is no longer strong. It may resemble a step, but in fact, lacks the strength of a genuine step. So it is with any virtue. The virtue is only as deep as love and humility are deep in the soul. Virtue that is not grounded in love and humility soon gives in, as it is false.”

“Every virtue must be supported by Holy Love and Holy Humility. If it is not, the soul will not advance on the ladder of holiness, but slip and fall. Think of the virtue of patience. The soul that is not supported by love and humility easily becomes impatient. He begins to think of ‘poor me’ and how all things affect him, rather than on God’s Divine Will in the present moment. The same is true of a failing in perseverance, meekness, and more.”

“It is always an inordinate self-love that pulls the soul away from love and humility. Self-love, therefore, is the antithesis of the entire spiritual quest for holiness and advancement through the Chambers of the United Hearts.”

July 26, 2002

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He says:

“I have come in praise of Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“In order for the soul to make a steady ascent up the ladder of virtue, he must have his hands firmly planted on both hand rails–Holy Love and Holy Humility. As he ascends, he reaches up higher on each side to pull himself to the next step. This action represents the soul’s deeper commitment to love and humility.”

“I will describe for you the loving, humble soul as a goal to aim for. Such a soul always places God first, ahead of self and neighbor. To do so, his thoughts, words and actions are towards pleasing the foremost object of his love. Through love of God, the soul loves his neighbor–seeing God’s creation in his neighbor. For love’s sake, he tries to overcome disordered self-love. This action embraces humility.”

“The humble soul regards all others as holier than himself. He knows his place before God and tries to please God. He does not look for faults in others, but looks for good. He is submissive to God’s Will in all things and in every way. He uses the goods of the world to give glory to God. In so doing, he does not consider cost to self. This means he does not look at how everything affects him. His thoughts, words and actions are turned towards God, not towards himself and the world. In essence he loses sight of himself. He is not concerned for his reputation in the world, but only for his relationship with God.”

“These hand rails of Holy Love and Holy Humility are not always easy to maintain a hold of. Satan tries to grease them with his temptations so that the soul loses his grip. It is only with the assistance of grace from the Heart of Our Heavenly Mother the soul can even begin the climb. If the hand should slip from one side or the other, Our Lady is there, placing the hand–finger by finger–back where it belongs.”

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