“I will say what Heaven has been saying all along – You cannot negotiate with evil”

Holy Love Ministry

August 4, 2016

A priest comes in black and white. He says:

“I am St. Dominic.”

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I tell you solemnly, the world will never be the same after the clandestine deal your president made with Iran. He has empowered evil with a large sum of money to free hostages. I will say what Heaven has been saying all along. You cannot negotiate with evil. Your country will experience widespread terrorism in the future – the bad fruits of this unprecedented evil negotiation. This president never hesitates to break the law by stepping around Congress. He supports those who do not criticize his actions. You must not!”

“Pray the rosary as a means of combating the evil course your president enthusiastically follows.”

August 4, 2016
Feast of St. John Vianney, Cure d’Ars and Patron of Priests

St. John Vianney, Cure d’Ars and Patron of Priests says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

(St. John Vianney is dressed like he is in his statue.)

“Please understand that these days the priesthood has, for the most part, been given over to rationalization. Priests spend their vocation on pleasing man first and foremost ahead of God. There are those within the priesthood who serve evil purposes, though they be clothed in goodness. Some never had a vocation. There are some good and dedicated priests that too often are persecuted through the envy of those around them. It is often difficult for a sincere lay person to find a priest of sound moral teaching – one of Traditional Faith.”

“If I were on earth today, I would exhaust myself again hearing the confessions of the confused and compromised. As a priest, I always put the conversion of souls ahead of any personal need of my own. How many priests today can say the same? How many place popularity, money and power ahead of the salvation of souls? Bishops need to be Bishops – fatherly leaders – not dictators. Every vocation needs to be grounded on the Truths of the Faith. If this were true, the Church would offer the peace and security as in days past. People would not have to search for and reinvent their own false peace.”

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Words of Light from Our Lord and Our Lady:

Locutions To The World

May 25, 2014
The Obama Darkness (Special Locution)


“In his decisions, President Obama chooses the darkness.  He exalts evil, protects evil, proclaims the goodness of evil and makes sure that evil spreads.  Because he continually chooses darkness, he will remain in darkness.”

“His final years in the presidency will be clouded over by constant scandals.  As these final years go on, the darkness will grow greater and greater.  No light will come forth.  No great blessings for the American people will result.  All will just be darkness for him and for those around him.”

“All efforts to remove the scandals will be fruitless.  I will not allow him to emerge from this darkness into light.  In these first five years of his presidency he has made his choices.  His heart belongs to darkness.  This comes from his own free will.”

June 2, 2014
Our Lady’s Three Sorrows (Special Locution)


“I have three sorrows.  The first is President Obama.  It is not that he has turned away from me because he has never really known me or claimed to be my son.  He is my sorrow because he has such great power and controls so many people by evil.  They rejoice in their evil and he protects the evil for them.  He is their great advocate and they see him as safeguarding their evil.  Because he controls so many, he is my great sorrow.”

“His hands clutch many things, but I will beat upon his hands and loosen his grasp.  He will not possess great power.  I will do this through the scandals.  There will be more and greater scandals.  In trying to extricate himself, he will only get more entangled.”

“My second sorrow is the growth of terrorism.  In this release of five prisoners, the terrorists see a victory.  Terrorism grows because America has withdrawn from the fight.  To fight terrorism comes with a high price but there will be a higher price to pay if its advance is not stopped.  Now, no real fight is being waged.  The terrorists have free access and no fear of America.”

“My third sorrow is the Church and my enemies within the Church who constantly refuse to accept me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  They deny me my rightful place, even though they profess to be my sons.  They are depriving my Church of the full light and causing it to operate in semi-darkness.”

June 2, 2014
The Purification of the World


“All over the world, the battle takes place, sometimes hidden within the person’s heart and, at other times, seen by the whole world.  Who understands this turmoil or the forces that bring it about?  I will explain.”

“As the evil stirring takes possession of the human heart, the person accepts this force as if it was their own will.  Really, it is not from them.  They have become an instrument, many times unable to free themselves.  They rejoice in this evil and in its fruits.  Soon, however, they are trapped, unable to be set free.”

“After that, they continue on this course, often destroying themselves and others as well.”

“These forces are not seen, nor are they understood.  Only when the evil fruits come forth, can all realize what seeds have been planted.”

“O mankind, you are helpless.  These seeds have been planted for centuries.  They have brought forth evil fruits, and these fruits have spread their own seeds.  The whole world is now a field, ready for the harvest.  However, the harvest will be of destruction, of death, and of a world completely changed.  The seeds have been planted and planted and planted.  They are everywhere, in the hearts of the people, in the structures of society, and in all the weapons now sold and distributed.”

“No human force can possibly remove these seeds and these fruits of evil.  God alone can purify the world and this purification must happen.  It cannot be canceled.  How will it happen?  If I am invited by the Church and the world to come upon the scene, then the purification will be complete and done quickly.”

“If I am still set aside, the purification will be prolonged and filled with darkness.  Whole nations will come before the heavenly Father to be judged.  I speak out now, asking the Holy Father to consecrate Russia so this type of purification is set aside.”

June 4, 2014
The Two Fires


“Which fires will light up the skies, the fires of the earth or the fires of heaven?   This is the question which mankind will face in the next few years.  Yes, I must say the next few years because this question will be answered soon.”

“Out of love, the heavenly Father has constantly postponed the purification of the world, always hoping and hoping that the Church would choose me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun, and that the world would also embrace this truth.  Now, these many years have passed by and the Church has still not responded to my command.  So, the destructive fires of earth light up the skies.  They burn brightly and their darkness covers more and more of the earth’s surface.”

“If I am lifted up and acknowledged as the Woman, I will release heavenly fires from my Immaculate Heart.  People will see.  They will be enlightened.  They will repent.  They will change their ways.  They will bring about deep and lasting social changes.  There will be great movements of the Holy Spirit.”

“The soul of man is capable of great deeds, heroic deeds.  Touched by the heavenly fires mankind can bring about a new era.  This will be my gentle purification.  Without the heavenly fires, mankind can only bring about the great destructive fires which will envelope whole nations.  This will be a different, more painful and more destructive purification.  Which fires will light up the skies – the fires of heaven or the fires of earth?”