Happy Birthday, Blessed Mother! We Love You! Thank You, Lord, for the Gift of Our Beautiful and Holy Queen!

Holy Love Ministry

August 5, 2016

Blessed Mother’s Birthday

Our Lady comes as Queen of Heaven and Earth, all in white with sparkling lights around Her. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

I (Maureen) wish Her “Happy Birthday”. She nods. She says:

“I celebrate those who live in the Will of God. I come once again to urge the general populace to make choices which support the Will of God. In any election, it is your responsibility as children of God to choose candidates reflective of God’s Will. This is not always the one with the most power or money. It is always one who lives in the Truth.”

“Do not allow mass media to decide for you. Too often this same media presents a tainted picture of good and an untruthful picture of evil. It is in this way, souls are led by confusion into making choices contrary to God’s Will. The far-reaching effects of your choices in this presidential election could turn your Supreme Court over to liberalism – thus forecasting a grim future for this nation. In your choice for president, you are also choosing the future of your Supreme Court and of your nation.”

“Your nation cannot stand in support of terrorist regimes and still survive as a free country. There are many ways to support a nation. One way is to ignore their progress towards developing weapons of mass destruction. Another way is to offer monetary support to such an effort. Supporting a terrorist regime, such as in Iran, is costly both in resources and national security.”

“I can only offer My guidance and urge you to make the right choices. I pray for your wisdom to see God’s Will.”